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The Purse Scooper Appeared    on the Katie Couric Show

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The “Purse Scooper” is an auto accessory that keeps your purse immobilized and accessible while the car is in transit. This product ends the dilemma of your purse flying off the passenger seat, spilling its contents and putting it out of reach!  It is made in the U.S.A. of strong aluminum to hold up to 10 lbs. It latches onto the headrest post of the seat by hooking the curved end around the post. With proper use the Purse Scooper has carefully been designed to prevent damage to your car's interior. No tools are necessary. It swings to the front or back of the seat for easy accessibility and multiple uses.

Not only used for purses:  - briefcases - umbrellas  - back-packs - gym bags - jackets - lunch bags  - shopping bags   - grocery bags  - laptop bags  - and much more... 

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The Purse Scooper Makes Everything Better
A product designed to help keep your bag, purse, or briefcase within arms reach but more importantly to prevent its contents from spilling over in the inside of your car when you are driving.